Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I had my 18 week ultrasound yesterday and found out that we'll be having another little BOY!!! I was kind of in shock when we found out because I seriously thought we were having a girl (so much for the Chinese Lunar Baby Calendar gender predictor!) But the shock is starting to wear off and I'm getting excited for another little guy. However, this does spoil my plans of not having to "try for the girl" and being fine with 2 kids.

It's actually been kind of nice to think about what an easy transition it will be with another boy. The clothes and toys won't need to be replaced (I won't have to share my wardrobe budget with another girl, sweet! :) and I know Noah is going to love having a little bro to play with/order around. It would be nice to think that this baby will be a calmer more gentler version of Noah but the way he was punching at the ultrasound tech when she got up in his face and sat spread eagle the whole time -- it seems that we don't make 'em shy.

In other news, I think Noah is finally starting to figure out this whole addition to the family thing. We told him about the baby in my belly -- which now he automatically tries to lift my shirt to "find it" and we've been talking about what we're going to do with the baby after it grows and gets big enough to come out. However, I think a few wires have been getting crossed because it came out the other day that he thinks there are babies in pumpkins too and that we eat them when they come out. Hmmm... we'll have to do some fine tuning of our explanations.

Although, I must say that it has been really sweet to see him be more aware of little babies. Everytime he sees one he points it out and says how cute it is. So, if we can just get over the images in his head that I can only imagine consist of my belly exploding and an edible baby flying out, I think we'll be on the right track.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The much anticipated Halloween festivities finally came this year. Noah was totally into it and he seriously had a blast. We'd been talking about it for weeks -- making Halloween decorations and treats, reading stories, watching the Little Einstein's Halloween episode one too many times, and getting our costume ready. Noah decided he wanted to be a cowboy this year (thanks to our recent church chili cook-off and square dance that got him interested!) and we found a great costume he could wear. Much to my surprise he actually wore it the whole night and didn't want to take it off when we got home (probably because he realized he got all kinds of great treats while he was wearing it!).

We went to a little party with some of our neighborhood friends at Lucy's house and then headed up to the annual Bennett Park parade for some costume flaunting and trick-or-treating. Noah made out pretty well with his candy stash, but we were still up for more fun after that, so we headed up to the ward party. It was quite the night! He was so hyped up on sugar that he wouldn't even eat dinner and I'm pretty sure he was up for another hour in his crib after we put him down. But we had a great night and now I'm spending my time explaining to him that Halloween's over...

here are a few pics from the festivities:

the costume

(and this was before all the candy!)

the prop

(I went a little obsessive and made him a hobby horse -- not as appreciated as I thought it would be but it made for a good picture :)

admiring his horse

(if only for a brief moment!)

the par-tay

the loot