Wednesday, April 1, 2009


the much anticipated (and early :) arrival of baby brother...

Gabriel Thomas

born on

Sunday, March 29th

at 8:41am


8 lbs. 7 oz.

20.5 inches long

Baby Gabriel made his debut into the world about 2 weeks early and has seamlessly transitioned himself into our little family. The labor couldn't have gone more smoothly and all of my anxiety around getting Noah cared for during that time was completely unnecessary. Everything worked out perfectly (even though after it was all over we had been up for about 40 hours!) I spent 2 glorious days at the hospital (I felt like I was in a hotel -- a complete vacation away from life with a 2-year old!) and I had a wonderful time bonding with my new little guy. He is the sweetest little baby and I'm not ready for him to grow up at all (I used to curse people that said that after I had Noah, but I'm loving a newborn right now!) After having such a complicated labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery with Noah -- and the having him in the NICU... Gabriel's entrance into the world has been a completely different experience -- one that made me even think I might do it again!

Noah's reaction to Gabriel's birth has been really fun to watch. He's been a great big brother so far. He is very concerned about him all of the time and is very sympathetic to his cries (sometimes to the point of crying himself, but that just makes me laugh!) He's very territorial about him especially if someone else is holding him, he says, "Mommy, that's your baby!" (even if daddy is holding him!)

My reaction to Gabriel's birth (after seeing what a doll he was, of course) was, "I'm so glad I"m NOT pregnant anymore!!!" (I reached my goal of not being pregnant on my b-day :) Jon's reaction (also after admiring his cuteness) was , "Does this mean we can go to the DMB show in April?" We're home now and it's been amazing to have Jon around and actually spend some quality time together. Life with 2 kids now begins!

Okay -- I know this is what you're waiting for anyway so I'll stop talking now.