Thursday, December 16, 2010

School's Out!

Noah had a random day off from school so we went down to one of our favorite Central Park playgrounds to enjoy the day. The Harlem Meer is pretty close to this playground, so we walked over and watched the ducks for a bit. The weather was great and the boys had a good time. I feel like they're finally starting to reach good ages to play together and really enjoy each other (most of the time!).


I'm getting so close to catching up before the new year!

We had a fun Halloween this year... Noah was really hoping to keep the Superhero theme alive and I was really hoping to find a costume that he would agree on where Gabey could match in some way. So, this dynamic duo seemed like the perfect fit!

These two looked great in their costumes and had tons of fun chasing each other around on Halloween. Noah spared us from a Halloween meltdown this year, which was a welcomed relief (hooray for a maturing 4-year-old!)

Enjoy the pics...

off to fight crime!

ready for action!

checking in with the boss

the dynamic duo!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Apple Picking 2010

I couldn't let the fall get away before heading upstate to our favorite apple picking spot. We've recommended this place to a number of friends now and it seems to be getting more and more popular each year. We usually head up there on Columbus day and hope that Jon has the day off, but this year he had to work. Luckily, my parents were kind enough to come and pick me and the boys up for a nice family fun event. It was a lovely day in the "country" and the apples weren't bad either!

Noah and gma feeding the swans

Noah and gpa climbing a tree to get the best pick!


Gabey figures it out...

N and G at the children's village... we probably could've just played here the whole time and they would've been happy!

fire house

school house

G busting out of school!

post office

ice cream parlor

Monday, December 6, 2010

a few firsts...

We celebrated a few milestones this fall...

Gabriel's first haircut was added to my list of most teary-eyed moments in motherhood so far. His baby-mullet was getting way too long and it just had to be done! He looks like such a big boy now :(



Noah's first day of pre-school! The day after we got back from Oregon, Noah suited up (put on his "school shirt") and headed to his first day of pre-school. He has a new teacher this year and a new (and much bigger) class but he's adjusting pretty well and is really liking it. He gets to ride the city bus with daddy every morning to school now that we moved a little further away from his school so that's very exciting too!

Noah's first primary program! Noah got to participate in his first primary program in October. It was so fun to see him up on the stand in church singing all the great songs he's learned since becoming a Sunbeam back in January. He loves his class and his teachers and I'm always impressed at how much he knows about the gospel already.

Gabey's first day of nursery! I can't believe my little guy is already old enough to go to nursery. He did pretty good for his first day. He seems to love the toys and his BFF, Paolo is there too so he's loving that.

Family Reunion II: September 2010, Newport Beach, OR

We headed out to Oregon over Labor Day weekend for another family reunion beach trip! It was quite the summer for reunions. This time we were with Jon's family and got to meet our new baby cousin, Eliza. We had a great time with the fam and it was so nice to be in such a beautiful place and be able to relax a bit before the new fall routine began. It was a great ending to our summer.

Our 10-day trip was filled with lots of adventures. We headed to a beach house in Newport on the Oregon Coast and were able to stay altogether, which was really nice especially at night when the kids were sleeping and we could hang out in one location. We got some great beach time filled with lots of digging and star-fish finding and were also able to hit the aquarium and the zoo. It was really hard to say good-bye... Gabey was finally figuring out who everyone was when we had to leave. Hopefully we'll see everyone again soon!

the lovely welcome sign that greeted us as we got off the plane...

meeting baby Eliza... perhaps the closest I'll ever get to a baby girl!

impromtu tennis lesson

the beach!

Noah and Eliza bond... he's completely obsessed with her now!

Gabey, my little sports fanatic!

the beach house came stocked with pirate dress-up!

and just happened to have the layout of a ship!

Noah learning how to skim board in his undies!

star fish hunting at low-tide

the awesome warm-water-outdoor shower at the house...

the beach house
"Watavue", get it?

the aquarium

the zoo

the dinosaur exhibit at the zoo

the zoo train!

farmer Noah

the fam