Monday, August 31, 2009

4 month old tricks!

Even though he's already 5 months old! I thought I'd post some of Gabe's recent 4 month old tricks...

his first swing!

happy tummy time :)

loving his new Bumbo chair

rice cereal... yum!

this kid is growing up too fast... sigh.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Coney Island!

A trip to Coney Island has been one of those things that we've wanted to do since we moved here almost 8 years ago... and we finally got around to it last Saturday! I think it's kind of funny that we've become more adventurous now that we have 2 kids -- Noah is much easier to tote around these days (especially since naps are a thing of the past), and Gabe is such a chill little guy that he could care less! So, we headed out early last Saturday morning and took the D train straight down to Brooklyn. It was a great day and we couldn't have had better weather. Noah headed for the beach immediately and just wanted to play in the sand (the very dirty sand) and splash around in the water. I was definitely expecting the beach to be dirty and crowded, but it was totally tolerable and the fact that we only paid $9 to get there and back was pretty awesome. Gabe and I sat on the beach while Noah and Jon splashed around in the water. Then Noah took a ride on the "Wonder Wheel" and 2 other kiddie rides that he chose and we got pizza, chocolate ice cream and called it a day!

the subway ride was kinda nice -- fun to look out the windows once we got to Brooklyn

(Gabe slept the whole way there -- good little baby!)

"Coney Island rules!"

hitting the beach!

gotta love beach playgrounds!

(he could've stayed here all day)

Gabe doing what he does best -- chillin'

riding the fire truck ride... by himself.

he found a topless ferry to ride the boats with him

daddy to the rescue with chocolate ice cream cones!

family pic

headed home...

Noah conked out -- too much excitement for one day.