Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Have I mentioned how much I love our new computer? I uploaded 650 pictures in like 2 minutes! The catch-up game continues...

Here's another update:

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. I really wanted to take Noah to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. We've never been as long as we've lived here so we decided to stay in the city and convinced my parents to come down and hang out with us here instead of travelling upstate to their place. So, they watched Gabriel while we took Noah to see the balloons! Jon had to work an overnight shift the night before and didn't get home until almost 8am, so we didn't get a super early start to get a good spot (poor Jon got dragged right back out the door as soon as he got home!) but it was still really fun. Noah had kind of a confused look on his face the whole time. He was up on Jon's shoulders most of the time because we were about 40 people deep in the crowd and could hardly see anything on the ground, but whenever a balloon came he would get really excited. Unfortunately we would only see the balloon for about 30 seconds as it passed between the buildings we were standing in between! But it was so much fun to be outside and see it close up (sort of) and be around lots of people enjoying themselves and getting into the Christmas spirit. I was actually kind of bummed out that we hadn't done it every year we lived here!

After the parade, we headed back to our apartment where my mom had single-handedly prepared Thanksgiving dinner! (thanks again, Mom!) We had a lovely day with the grandparents and Gabriel celebrated his first Thanksgiving like a champ. He loved his home made sweet potatoes (i.e. non-Gerber baby food) and corn!

We're so grateful for good friends, family, and especially the gospel at this time in our lives.

(an obvious favorite)

(not so obvious favorite... when I asked him what
other balloons he liked he kept saying the "baker one")

sweet Gabriel
ready to eat!