Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Break 2012

I really had to gear up for Spring Break this year.  In my mind I just kept thinking, "this is it, boys... this is our last hurrah before baby sister comes!"  I really wanted to make it a memorable and super fun week for them (and me) before I started losing steam with this pregnancy (which pretty much happened the Monday after it was over -- I had to spend the next week in recovery!) I even injured my foot by the end of the week and couldn't walk for a few days from all of our adventures, but it was worth it -- exhausing -- but worth it.

Our adventures included an-ever-so-popular Chuck E. Cheese trip with old friends, an afternoon at the Union Square playground, fun Easter Sunday (egg hunt and egg dying included), a wacky puppet show at the Swedish Marionette Theater, picnic in Central Park, Indian Road playground adventure/picnic, and a day trip to Brooklyn Bridge park.

So, there ya go... the days of only hauling 2 kids around this crazy city are dwindling quickly!  Three is a going to be a cinch, right?!?  Yikes!  Baby sister... are you ready for this madness?

Chuck E. Cheese

Noah giving baby Leo a ride -- it was really fun to have the baby brothers involved -- Noah and Eddie have been going to CEC together for a LONG time!  

Union Square playground

baskets found!

Happy Easter

Sunday best

goofy boys!

egg dying
(not my favorite holiday activity, I've decided... too much mess, too long of a process and my kids don't even like hard-boiled eggs!)
luckily THEY had fun

cutest puppet theater around, 
wackiest children's puppet show ever created!

picnic at the Great Lawn in CP

Indian Road Playground

our attempt at a picnic usually turns into a wrestling match of sorts

 but then they do cute stuff like this...

tree climbers!

um... throwing rocks at the ducks... er, I mean in the river!

Brooklyn Bridge playground...
can't beat the views!
Brooklyn Bridge to the left

Manhattan Bridge to the right...

 cute Gabe in the middle!

picnicking was quite the treat this week... especially with views like this!

bubbles under the bridge! 

love that skyline!

more rock-throwing


chickening out of the carousel ride...

(photo by Abbie W.)

and of course, the madness of getting around this city...
this is me (in the back) facing my SERIOUS escalator phobia!!!

***Yet, somehow the logistics of shoving all of our children onto crowded subway cars (while annoying everyone on the train), carrying strollers up and down endless numbers of stairs, and riding eternal escalators with 1 adult/5 children all seem worth it for fun days like this!