Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

We decided to take a little family trip with Noah's BFF, Eddie and his family this spring break. The boys had 2 weeks off from school and we needed some kind of distraction from the 'Heights, so we headed to the Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos! And what a distraction it was!

I'm pretty sure the masterminds behind the Great Wolf Lodge had like 6 kids of their own and had gone on enough family trips to realize that the best time of the whole trip was at the hotel pool! So, they capitalized on that idea and created the Great Wolf Lodge, a massive indoor water park in a giant lodge where you wouldn't ever find a reason to leave during your entire stay. If any of you have ever been to a Great Wolf Lodge (apparently it's a chain... genius!) then you know exactly what I'm talking about. The place is completely self-sufficient and kid-friendly with an arcade, a pizza place, an ice cream parlor, and food stands all within feet of the water park (they even had a spa for the moms and tweens!). So you could check in and never leave until your check out time...

The boys were pretty much stoked about the whole adventure. We even booked a suite with Eddie's fam so they could have a little slumber party and maximize their time together (which was funny because they totally crashed within seconds of hitting their pillows from exhaustion). Their jaws dropped as soon as they saw the giant water slides and water adventures that were ahead of them and they pretty much played non-stop until dinner time. We went back the next morning for some more water fun and the excitement continued. Noah and Eddie even went on the huge water slides with their dads... which, btw I had no desire whatsoever to try... and had a blast.

I had a serious Great Wolf Lodge hangover from that place on the ride home. It was so loud in the water park and there was so much stimulation that I got a crazy headache. One night was definitely enough to enjoy the whole experience! But, we're glad we went. Noah had such a great time and continues to ask weekly, "Can we go to the Great Wolf Lodge again?" To which I usually answer... "maybe next year!"

here are the pics:

so excited!


water b-ball!

did I mention how much fun Gabey had?


so awesome!

nothing beats the breakfast buffet!

splashing around with mom

drying off with dad

the lazy river

the arrival

the boys in action!