Wednesday, March 10, 2010


is almost here!

we celebrated by hitting the playground everyday this week so far...

It's crazy to think that we were in the middle of this just a week and a half ago!

as fun as the snow was, we're SOOOO glad the warm weather is here... hopefully to stay!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Art in the Park

We headed down to Central Park last week with Noah's bff, Eddie to {finally} enjoy the rising temps and check out the craft and "Art in the Park".

We had a great time at the playground. Gabriel was so excited to be able to crawl around on the padded ground -- he could hardly contain his giant grin! Noah and Eddie had a blast on the climbing ropes and walls. I had forgotten what a great playground 110th & CPW is especially for an almost toddler and pre-schooler... we'll definitely be returning soon!

Then we headed over to the Discovery Center for to craft some birds out of pinecones, puffballs, feathers, and googly eyes! Noah is totally into crafts right now and he LOVED this project. He got to make one for him and Gabey which was double the fun.

After we worked our bird-making skills, we wandered over to the Harlem Meer to watch the ducks. We sang "Five Little Ducks" and watched them come up to us and beg for food. Noah and Eddie argued over whether they were ducks or geese and then we headed home.