Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day fun!

We headed down to the Hippo playground on Memorial Day this year.  It was one of the first really hot days and Memorial Day kicks off the start of the sprinklers at New York City playgrounds.  Hippo playground has tons of shade and I had a good feeling that the water would definitely be on.  We weren't disappointed.  The boys loved it and it was a great way to spend the evening.

Happy Memorial Day!

I am in love with this picture!  
Look at that mug on Gabriel -- almost identical to the hippo!  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Noah turns 6!

Noah celebrate the big #6 with a few friends and a transformers themed party!  I can't believe this kid is 6 years old already and practically finished with kindergarten!  We had a great time hanging out with buddies, playing pin the symbol on Bumble-Bee, eating pizza & cupcakes and opening awesome presents from friends.  

Noah is such a special, fun-loving kid and we're so glad he's in our family!

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun in Philly!

A few weeks ago, we tagged along with Jon to Philadelphia on one of his conferences.  We felt like it would most likely be the last trip we'd take as a family of four!  And it was just really nice to get out of town for a few days for a little adventure.  Jon was able to arrange his conference schedule so we could go on one outing each day together.  The rest of the time I spent with the boys splashing around in the hotel pool and attempting little walking adventures around the neighborhood we were staying in.  The boys had such a great time.  They would've been happy to just hang out at the hotel the whole time!  They got to share a hide-a-bed, load up on donuts at the free continental breakfast, explore the many hallways of the hotel, and have the pool to themselves most of the time.  We were also able to squeeze in a trip to the zoo and a fun playground/mini golf course (equipped with all of the sights of the city, I might add!).  It was a really nice time and we're really glad we tagged along for some extra daddy time instead of staying home and missing him!

 brothers share a bed!

a little history lesson... 
Noah had just learned about the 13 colonies!

playground discovery!
(my kids were definitely loudest and pushiest there... those NYers!)

Philadelphia Zoo

Noah, the photographer!

Noah, the gorilla!

we have quite the collection of squashed pennies these days!

they're finally getting old enough to actually
 pose long enough for a pic in one of these things!

play tractor

sheep grooming

hard at work

testing out the 3-D glasses in the water

giraffe -- definitely a favorite!

this kiddie pool was the best invention ever!
Gabe splashed around on his own in it,
while Noah swam in the big pool... and I sat on the side with my feet up!

my little fish -- Gabe is so NOT afraid of the water... it's a little scary!

mini golf!

we did our sight-seeing at the golf course!
they didn't know the difference :)

Liberty Bell!

Art Museum!