Monday, February 5, 2007

100 Things About Me

I was inspired by my friend Julia to create a list of 100 things about me. It was kinda fun... I encourage all of you to try it.
  1. I love to watch Anne of Green Gables and eat macaroni and cheese when I'm sick.
  2. I am terrible at returning things that I borrow.
  3. I wish I knew how to cook.
  4. I was in my college marching band. (Go Cougars!) I was the piccolo section leader for 2 years and the VP of rehearsal preparation.
  5. I am a terrible swimmer.
  6. I am obsessed with reality TV.
  7. I have seen 25 Dave Matthews Band concerts.
  8. My husband and I met because of our love for DMB.
  9. I wish I knew how to take good pictures.
  10. I'll do whatever Oprah tells me to do.
  11. I am super competitive even though I like to pretend that I'm not -- especially when I play UNO and miniature golf.
  12. I am obsessed with The Gap.
  13. I love to watch paid programming TV early on Saturday mornings -- I am a total succor for whatever they are trying to sell.
  14. Living in NYC has made me a much more cynical person.
  15. I love every holiday and get way too excited about them. But I hate dressing up for Halloween.
  16. I always cry on my birthday.
  17. I buy jeans that are way too expensive.
  18. I wish I was better at playing tennis and bowling. (even though whenever my husband tries to teach me, we always end up arguing.)
  19. I continue to watch re-runs of "A Baby Story" on TLC even though I was extremely traumatized when I gave birth to my own baby.
  20. I think it's funny when my baby gets scared of things like his own toys and the blender.
  21. I want my son to play the tuba when he gets older, but my husband won't allow it.
  22. I think good kindergarten teachers are angels sent from heaven.
  23. I'm scared of the dark.
  24. I wish I liked to read more.
  25. I love to go camping.
  26. Someday I want my own beach house.
  27. I get extremely cranky when I'm hungry.
  28. I love every Julia Roberts movie ever made.
  29. I fall asleep when I watch movies. (it usually takes me at least 3 tries to finally finish one.)
  30. I love to buy office supplies and get jealous in September when kids are buying back-to-school supplies.
  31. My dream job is to be a secretary.
  32. My husband taped over my wedding video while he was trying to record "The Bachelor" for me.
  33. I wish I had a sister.
  34. I could spend hours walking around Target.
  35. My favorite movie is "The Parent Trap" with Hailey Mills.
  36. I love the Museum of Natural History -- my favorite exhibit is the one about the eskimos.
  37. I always get tired when I walk around art museums.
  38. I hate amusement parks.
  39. Banks make me nervous.
  40. I am afraid of heights -- especially when walking on bridges.
  41. I get motion sick on just about every kind of transportation.
  42. I love surprises but I am hardly ever surprised because I like to snoop.
  43. The only time I've ever been really surprised was when my husband proposed to me.
  44. I love to do kickboxing for exercise -- mostly because I have a lot of pent-up aggression.
  45. I am a succor for fad diets.
  46. I wish I had paid attention in my history classes when I was in school.
  47. I can't write anything unless I have the perfect pen.
  48. I wish I knew how to sew.
  49. I love doing crafts but I am not very creative.
  50. I wish I was a scrapbooker but I'm just way too obsessive.
  51. I like to eat at restaurants that I can't afford.
  52. I have too many shoes.
  53. I have always wanted to go on a makeover show.
  54. I am intimidated by old ladies and 13-year olds.
  55. My husband buys me expensive jewlery, flowers, and gift certificates to spas -- a girl's dream.
  56. I am a chocoholic.
  57. My little brother is the coolest 15-year old I know.
  58. I've never been to the circus, but I've always wanted to go.
  59. I love going to the zoo.
  60. I don't think I could ever have a pet dog or cat.
  61. I love looking at maps.
  62. My shower curtain has a map of the NYC subway system on it.
  63. One day I want to have my own music school.
  64. I love playing the flute, but I hate practicing.
  65. I think I could write good children's books.
  66. I think my baby is a genius because he loves when I read books to him.
  67. I know every song ever sung on a Barney show.
  68. I love when it snows and I think that everything should be cancelled. When I was a kid, I lived for snow days and to this day I still watch the school closings on the news when it snows just for fun.
  69. I think it's funny when news anchors go on location live to report that something happened there, but everything is over and they just stand there alone talking about what happened.
  70. I never realized how realistic Seinfeld actually was until I moved to NYC.
  71. I had a string of very random jobs when I was putting myself and my husband through school: I was a bra sales girl (I know how to fit bras -- a very useful skill), I was a nanny for a rich upper east side family, I am a trained instrument repair technician, I was a candy & cigarette merchandiser for a grocery store.
  72. No job I've ever had has made me want to improve myself more than when I was teaching.
  73. I wish I could run the NYC Board of Education.
  74. I love wearing pajamas.
  75. I think it should be a law that everyone has to take a nap.
  76. I wish I could make interesting comments in Sunday school.
  77. I've always wanted to be a cheerleader.
  78. I wish I could dance.
  79. I hate watching sports on TV -- except for Yankees games and BYU football games.
  80. I didn't get my license until I was 18 and I didn't learn how to drive a stick shift until I was 21.
  81. I think a good hair dresser can change lives.
  82. I wish I liked to entertain more.
  83. I've never voted.
  84. I like to make up spreadsheets and I think everyone should know how to use Excel.
  85. I think airports are exciting.
  86. I hate scary movies.
  87. I rent "I Love Lucy" episodes from Netflix.
  88. I used to be scared of crossing the street until I moved to NYC.
  89. I can always find a Coldplay song to fit the mood I'm in.
  90. I like to pretend I know a lot about opera.
  91. Opera singers make me nervous.
  92. I wish I could speak another language.
  93. I wish I was from Switzerland.
  94. Whenever I hear a new word or name, I automatically try to think of the spelling.
  95. I lost the 6th grade district spelling bee because I couldn't spell the word "absence."
  96. I spell the word "antidisestablishmentarianism" really fast when I'm nervous.
  97. I listen to Greenday when I go running.
  98. I really don't like to run, but I do it anyway because it's the only I am able to stay in shape.
  99. My husband is training to be a psychiatrist and I'm scared that our kids are going to turn out a little weird.
  100. I should probably be in therapy.


snizzle said...

Jeeze hermana. Some things I knew such as 57, 62, 100, 28, 40, (good times) 35, 44, 11, 8, (One Sweet World yo) 33, (since you painted my nails when I was little) 80. Some things there I'm not even gonna touch. They're too prime. It's key. You know it. Rock it.

kyality said...

I too a) am obsessed with The Gap. b) wish I liked to read more. c) loved playing the clarinet, but hated practicing it. And d)hate watching sports on TV—except for the US Open.

Jessica Horey said...

I actually like watching the US Open too -- I forgot about that.

Julia said...

Wow, I thought I knew you pretty well, but a few of those things surprised me. I didn't know that you do everything Oprah tells you, and I can't believe that you want to be a cheerleader!

I think we should both get therapy, and then perhaps we would spend less money on shoes and jeans.

Nate, Tawni & Sofia said...

Yeaaaahhhh! Im so happy you have joined the bloggers! I was reading Julia's blog and she mentioned yours. Im sooo excited. I will have to tell Nate. I admire you that you could do the 100 list and be a mom at the same time. Mine wont let me. She is actually staring at me right now as I type. She is getting mad. I better hurry. Well I will check your blog A LOT so keep it updated! Tell your husband we said hello.
The Franklins~

The Cope Family said...

Now I can more deeply understand why we are such good friends... we have AT LEAST 25 of those things in common! Here's one for me: I wish I could come up with 100 things about me. I just love you! ~K

lsnarr said...

Jessie, go vote!
I'm still wondering about:
10 (why?), 19 (I was there), 21 (Im with Jon), 36 (I guess a need to make another visit and see what I've been missing) 77 (Really don't get that one) The rest sound totally like you. I tried making a list myself, I got to 30 and had a brain cramp!

your mom

Jenny said...

I listen to Greenday when I run too! How cool to be a nanny for a rich family. THe stories you could tell.... Have you read the Nanny Diaries? I obviously clicked on Julia's link. Welcome to blogging. Fun list :)

Crystalyn said...

fun list! i too am horrible at returning things (trying to be better), am competitive (my mom grounded me from playing monopoly as a child, get cranky when hungry, have to watch movies multiple times to finish them, love being surprised but usually find out beforehand, can't write anything without the perfect pen (love gelly rolls), do that spelling thing, and many, many others. my boy keeps wanting me to throw the baseball to him and i'm having a hard time doing that and typing! better go! fun getting to know a new blogging friend better.

Shawna B. said...

Hi! I popped on over because of the amazing and talented Julia. Welcome, welcome to the world of blogging. I am not very good at it - but every now and then, I do put up a few cute pictures of my kids. I had to comment because I don't know anyone else who, when they hear a new word, automatically think of the spelling! Love that! I have my own little word that I spell - "methylchloroisothiazolinone." It's an ingredient in shampoo (probably very cheap shampoo, since I discovered this word in the 7th grade - in my "Breck" days - and have been spelling it ever since). Anyway, I enjoyed your list. Funny how reading 100 things about a complete stranger is so entertaining.

My husband is a resident at the University of Virginia (anesthesiology). I feel your pain at the "single mother" thing!

Well, nice to "meet" you, Jess in the City. Keep spelling. Oh! I want to write children's books, too! And YES to BYU football. And how cool would it be to be from Switzerland?