Monday, March 26, 2007


I know that I vowed not to mention the weather again in my last post, but ever since that beautiful day we had 2 weeks ago, the weather has gotten significantly crappy. A major snow/ice storm came that weekend and the temperatures really never fully recovered. So, our hybernation has continued and we've had to make the best of it. A few playdates were in order.

Noah has really been into "socializing" lately, especially now that he's mobile. (I also think he just gets completely bored of me and loves any and all attention he gets from anyone else -- sometimes this even comes from his own reflection in the mirror!) He loves to play (steal toys) and interact (growl) with other kids whether or not they are his age (he's a fan of "older women").

Here's a few pics of some recent playdates (Noah and "the girls"):

Lexi and Noah.


We were actually at the playground this day because we just had to get out.

Noah and baby Mariah.
(At one point, Noah growled at her and made her cry. I think he was flirting.)

The weather cleared up that afternoon so we ended up taking the kids to the playground after they tore up the apartment.

How cute is that?

Lucy came over to play while her mom went to an appointment.

(she loved playing with "the baby" even though Noah could pretty much devour her!)

Happy Spring to everyone! We're so excited to finally get out of the apartment and enjoy the city.

(oh how I dream of being able to just get in a car and walk around a mall when the weather is bad... I'm sure those days will come eventually and I'll long for my city days!)

weather forecast tomorrow: high 77 degrees... yipee!


The Cope Family said...

So cute! Lexi loves Noah just as much!

Nate, Tawni & Sofia said...

Gosh, Im glad to hear you guys have warm weather. I liked Noah and all his girlfriends. I know who all the other baby girls are, but who is Mariah? That one I dont know...I cant believe Lucy! She is a big girl now! Its good to see everyones kids. Tell Jon hi!

snizzle said...

OH!! i almost forgot...snaps for noah working in "drive" in addition to reverse. *snap snap snap*