Friday, June 22, 2007

Vacation Adventures, part 4: the spa and the village

Today, I was able to finally cash in on my Christmas present from Jon... (I know, it took me long enough!) He gave me the gift of "spaaahhh!" I got a gift certificate for a 75 minute massage at Bliss in SoHo. It was fabulous!

Then Jon and Noah met me down in the village where we wandered through some cool playgrounds, ate lunch at Burritoville (the most kid-friendly place we could find), and then hung out at Washington Square park. Jon was itching for some Magnolia cupcakes, so we stopped there on our way home, but the line was way too long to wait (darn tourists!). So, we settled for some delicious gelato instead :)

The toddler playground at Washington Square park was impressive. A bit too crowded but it's definitely on my top 5 list currently.

sea lion baby

crazy yellow dinosaur

toddler playground @ WSP

(note how the slide goes right to the ground -- perfect for the pre-walkers!)

3 cheers for family fun!

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snizzle said...

That sounds like fun!

I personally feel you should have waited on line for the cupcakes.