Monday, July 30, 2007

"Go, Baby!"

So, Noah is completely obsessed with this 5-minute show that comes on the Disney channel every morning. He will crawl/walk from wherever he is when he hears the music coming on. It's this digitally-animated baby named "Baby" (fitting) that has various baby adventures. (i.e. playdates with his friend "Sophie" in the bathtub, at the park and even on the moon!) He loves it so much that I looked it up online to see if there was some kind of DVD (desperately hoping that we might be able to get one in time for our plane ride to Oregon!). Unfortunately, there was no DVD but they do have sample shows online as well as a "Go, Baby!" video game called "Baby's Helper". It's hilarious! (I will admit that sometimes that's the only way I can get dinner done... what did they do before technology, anyway!?!)

you too can be mesmerized...
(and learn the "Go, Baby!" dance like Noah has, complete with clapping in time with the music)

click here to check it out!

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