Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween festivities!

Another Halloween celebrated in the big city. I used to feel bad for the kids in our neighborhood every Halloween because I felt like they were getting cheated of a "real" Halloween experience (i.e. my suburban door-to-door trick-or-treating experience). But this year when I felt like I had to create a fun Halloween experience for Noah, I realized that it's all about what you make of it.

Noah looked cuter than ever in his monkey costume (he really doesn't even need to dress up... I swear this kid is part monkey!). We had a blast at our ward and playgroup parties, trick-or-treating, and marching in our first kid-friendly Halloween parade!

Here are a few pics from the festivities:


tearin' it up at the ward party with Eli and Josh

helping mom make halloween cupcakes!

showing off his cars to tinkerbell at lunch bunch

carving that pumkin!

marching in the neighborhood Halloween parade

checkin' out the jack-o-lanterns

yay for Halloween!

hey! where'd all my candy go?

(ooops! mom and dad must have eaten it!)


So, we only got one trick-or-treater the whole night. Not surprising though... the kids in our 'hood usually just go to the vendors along Broadway to get candy. But the one character we did get made up for all the rest. He spoke in 3rd person as L.L. Cool J. and when I asked him if he'd pose for a picture, this is what I got... rockin', huh! I gave him extra candy for letting me snap a shot of him and he replied, "aces."

Check him out:

(now I know what Noah's going to be next year!)


Henry Jackson Hohl said...

Jess! Your little monkey is so adorable. I hope I can see you guys sometime soon. I'm actually coming into the city for the Chocolate Show next weekend for one day. You should come meet up with us. I also invited Stacey Hallmark to come...and if you want to get more people involved it would be awesome to see everyone and a good excuse to eat chocolate!

we would probably go Saturday evening.

Eddie Bujans said...

Cool monkey costume. Noah is getting big.
Glad that Halloween was fun for you folks in NYC.
I remember just standing outside of the bars and trick-or-treating- the patrons would just hand me one and five dollar bills. Well, that's the city for you.
LL Cool J in the house!!!

Mike, Jess & Elijah said...

Great costume for Noah!! I love how you talk about "it's all what you make it" That's sure the story of life, huh? We pretty settles out here in Chicago but wemiss NYC so much!!!! Glad you had a fun Halloween. :)