Saturday, January 19, 2008

shopping obsessions

I have always been a shopper. For most of my life up until about 2 years ago, my shopping obsession has been mainly focused on clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. for me. Occasionally when we've moved into new apartments or done some re-decorating, the obsession had shifted to home decor/appliances. But it usually never lasted long there -- and I still always had something in the back of my mind that I was wanting. Call me superficial and worldly, but I call it being a girl.

But something happened as soon as I got pregnant with Noah. All of that shopping energy shifted dramatically to my unborn child. I went through some SERIOUS nesting phases (we're talking carrying around a tape measure and a diagram of his nursery in my bag just in case I saw something for Noah and I needed to make sure that it would fit in the space). Well, I have to take some of that back... I was pretty obessed with buying maternity clothes, but that was more out of necessity because I was so huge and I would grow out of things on a weekly basis. And really I wouldn't call that shopping for me anyway... it was soley because of the baby!

In any case, I have been seriously shocked and surprised (as has my husband) as to how much my shopping obsessions revolve around Noah. Christmas was a good example. I've always been a pretty high-maintenance Christmas present girl. It's taken Jon a good 8 years to figure me out (ps -- you totally scored with those slippers this year, babe!). But this year, I really didn't care at all. I was pleasantly surprised as to how thoughtful everyone's gifts were, but I really wasn't expecting anything and I was fine with it. I really think that's what made this Christmas so nice -- no exectations, only gratefulness.

Anyway, I seriously obsessed about what to get Noah starting way back in October. I wanted the perfect gifts and went to any length to find them. As you clearly saw on the video of him opening a puzzle on Christmas day, he could've cared less, but it was such a big deal for me. I love finding him toys and books that just light up his face and clothes that I think he would look super cute in.

So, now I have to admit my most recent Noah shopping obsessions -- Little People toys and Carter's playwear. I want to collect all of the Little People toys and create an entire Little People town in Noah's room. I know... it's completely ridiculous. I spend way too much time searching "little people vehicles" on ebay (I just lost my bid for the best lot ever!) when I know that Noah is perfectly content with the stash of Little People toys that he already has. And for some reason I've been drawn to Carter's clothes lately. I never really dressed him in Carter's stuff when he was an infant because I thought he looked cuter in clothes that made him look older. But now I want to dress him in these little babyish outfits (I've obviously got some major issues with him getting older right now!) -- I can't get enough of them!

So, call me superficial and worldly, I guess it's just called being a mom.


JessK said...

I love Little People! I got Emma the nativity scene and the farm for Christmas.

Amy said...

I also love shopping for my child! But I do have to admit that when I have some money tucked away, I am plotting on what outfit I want to buy for myself. I guess I'm still a little selfish! Is that bad?!

Ellen said...

I go in spurts, but yes, they are usually about the baby. Just two days ago I decided she had to have a little table and chair, crayons, and baby music. Immediately! Other than that, I'm not too bad, but as soon as Scott graduates and gets a job, I have about 50 things (furniture, piano, bean bag chair, rugs, fridge, washer/dryer) that I want. Then I think, oh yeah - medical school debt. That may postpone my plans for 5-7 years...