Monday, February 11, 2008

nana and grandpa-pa visit

Jon's family was in town last week for a visit. We had a great time with them! Noah loved all the attention and showing off all his latest tricks. Jon's bro and SIL came along too and I had a blast roaming around the city with Amber for some much-needed girl time (i.e. going to see 27 Dresses and buying new jeans). It was really nice to get out sans-Noah... even though it meant getting very little sleep that week... but it was totally worth it!

We tried to think of some nick-names for the grandparents so Noah can know the difference between both sets... so the ones that finally stuck were Nana and Grandpa-pa. I also like to teach him a sign to associate with each person too. So, he ended up making glasses around his eyes for Nana, doing the 'bike' sign for uncle Mike (because it sounded like bike), and doing the 'bird' sign for Amber (because it sounded like Am-bird). It was really cute, and now when we talk about them he can do the sign for each person. He also randomly started saying Nana's real name, "Cathy". He must have heard me say her name when I was introducing her to someone because later that day I said, "Noah, who's that? -- expecting him to say Nana -- and he exclaimed "CATHY!". It was hilarious.

Noah had a great time going to the Museum of Natural History and hitting up Toys R' Us with the fam. He also enjoyed some quality one-on-one time with Nana and Grandpa-pa while Jon and I enjoyed some quality one-on-one time with out him! Hooray for babysitters! All in all it was a successful visit.

(ps -- I've been trying out a new photo-storing program and after I thought they were saved on the program, I erased them from my camera. Unfortunately, it turns out they were never saved. Grrrr! I'm so sorry I have no pics, guys! You'll have to come back soon for another visit...)

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geode cacher said...

My grandson Noah calls me Old Grandma, because I'm the first grandma that he remembers spending time with. As opposed to New Grandma, the other one. I love it.