Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Noah's first haircut!

It finally happened! Noah's hair has taken forever to grow (I'm actually really scared for any sisters he might end up having!) and it finally got to the point where I could justify giving him a little trim. It was really kind of sad cutting his little curl off the back because that was his baby hair... but like any sentimental mom out there, I quickly put it in an envelope and sealed it up for his baby book.

In any case, he actually behaved for the most part (i.e. with lots of help from our buddy Diego and a snack). And if I may say so myself, it looks pretty good. I think it actually looks like he has more hair now that it's a bit more even.

check out the new do!


Tamara said...

I love how serious you look while cutting his hair.

Jonathon and Sarah said...

I am glad that it went so well. There are benefits to cutting it later. Christian was 10 months old for his first haircut and was thrashing around because he didn't really understand what was going on. I must say that I am going to miss the little curl in back too. :)

lsnarr said...

You did great job Jess! Noah's hair does look thicker now. I'm glad you saved the curl.