Tuesday, July 1, 2008

one lucky boy

Noah received a piggy bank for his 2nd birthday from his good friend, Sonja... and has seriously become obsessed with "pennies!" When he first got it, I just gave him a few pennies to show him how it worked and he loved counting them and trying to get them in the slot by himself. Then one afternoon we were on our daily walk around the 'hood and he spotted a penny on the ground. I immediately said, "Noah, look -- it's a penny! Put it in your pocket and then when we get home we'll put it in your piggy bank." He acted slightly confused at first, but quickly started to feel around for his pocket, and stashed that thing as fast as he could!

Hence, the "penny hunting" game was born. Every evening it's the same thing, "Mommy and Noah find pennies?" So, we walk with our eyes glued to the ground, scanning the sidewalks for any trace of shiny copper... and I must say that Noah is one lucky boy (or the sidewalks of NYC are filled with prime penny-hunting opportunities!). We usually find, on average, 5-7 pennies and on laundry day when we walk through the back alley of our building -- we ALWAYS hit the jackpot! (not sure why that is, but one Friday evening, during our laundry usual laundry routine, we found 20 pennies. Noah was beside himself... he kept running around with the pennies jingling in his pockets.) We even had an FHE lesson tithing because he's been so interested in penny collecting... he wasn't too sure about giving up the 1/10th but he did it anyway -- what a good little boy! However, there have been a few times when I've had to use "penny-hunting" as a distraction to try to get him to make his way home and there were NO pennies in sight. Those walks have never ended well -- so I've started making sure I have a few pennies in my pocket before I leave the apartment just in case I have to stage them!

But, hopefully this money-attracting side of him will continue through his life so he can support us when we're old!


Kendra Leigh said...

This is one of Matt & Lexi's favorite activities! I'm to the point where I just roll my eyes when I hear one of them say, "Look Mom! A PENNY!" But over the year, Matt & Lexi usually end up collecting a few dollars, at least. Anything to keep them moving without a melt-down is a good thing, though, eh?

Amy said...

Oh, what a cute idea! I might have to start that one here, although we don't have tons of great areas to go penny hunting. I love that you bring a few with you to stage...hilarious!

Ellen said...

I'm so glad he likes the piggy bank! Sonja will be so pleased. I'll have to get her one too for distracting her from running out into the street.

He's adorable.