Tuesday, September 23, 2008

first day of "shul"

Today was Noah's first official day of "pre-school prep" and it was very exciting! He's taking a little class 2 days a week at our local YM & YWHA. This was the same place that we attended a parent & me playgroup last winter, so I thought sending him back for this next step program would be a good transition into preschool next year (besides giving us something to do during the long winter that is quickly approaching!)

It's been amazing because he's actually in the same classroom that we were in as last year and a few of the same friends are in his class too. I'm definitely having a harder time with the transition than he is! On the first day, they had split the class in half and just met for half of the time with each group. The parents all stayed and it was nice to get to know everyone and go through a shortened version of their routine. It seemed as though they had the same thing planned on the second day, so I showed up expecting to stay, but the teachers casually asked us all to gradually leave and sit in the hallway so that the kids could start getting used to us leaving with a smaller group. Noah did great -- it was definitely me who was having the issues. And I definitely wasn't the only one! I sat out in the hallway with all of the other parents all huddled together worrying about our kids. Someone even thought to go peek at the security cameras in the lobby to see if we could catch a glimpse of them... so pathetic!

In any case, it's been going great so far! I think my biggest thing is just not being able to hear and see all the stuff that he's learning (especially now that his favorite phrase is, "I don't know!" -- not helpful when I'm trying to ask him what he did in school today!) It was really funny too, because after that second day when I left him, I asked him, "Noah, how was school? and he answered back... "Shul?" in perfect Hebrew. I'm obviously aware that they'll probably be teaching him some things like that because it is a Jewish Community Center... but who knew he'd be bilingual on the second day?!?

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