Wednesday, December 10, 2008

little vac-ay

This past weekend we took a little weekend trip to Florida. Noah and I tagged along on Jon's work conference in Boca Raton. It was so nice to get away and it was a far cry from the nasty 30 degree weather NYC was experiencing. We're talking 85 degrees on the beach and 75 degrees in the water! I seriously couldn't believe the weather. When we stepped outside early in the morning it was perfect room temperature. Now I understand why so many people retire down there! Our weekend consisted of pretty much the same routine... we ate the lovely continental breakfast at the hotel, played at the beach all morning, slept the afternoons away, and then hung out with Jon in the evenings. It was perfect.

We were slightly concerned about the sleeping arrangement with Noah because that can always quickly ruin a vacation. He's not used to sleeping in the same room with us and is easily distracted by little noises, etc. when he's trying to fall asleep. But after a little finagling we were able to squeeze the hotel crib into the vanity area and then cover the doorway with a sheet. Noah actually loved sleeping in his little cave and kept asking to play in his crib. He even took great naps -- which is always a plus for a 6-month pregnant mommy!

All in all it was a successful trip and I'm so glad we went along. It was just really nice to getaway as a family and spend some quality time together.

here are some pics:

Noah learned the phrase

"this is the life..."

while relaxing on his beach chair

he got over his fear of the ocean on this trip --

most likely because the water was so warm!

showing off his "crib"

nothing says Christmas like palm trees in lights!

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Christina said...

My parents don't understand why we can't sleep in the same room as Charlotte and think we are crazy. But it is true the littlest divisions like that make a big difference. Sounds like an awesome vacation!