Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"I'm checking my email!"

Me: Noah, what are you doing back there?
(as he wedges himself behind the stereo speaker)

Noah: I'm checking my email!

Me: Oh, really! What does it say?

Noah: MOMMY.... IS.... PERFECT!

Me: giant grin :)

***I've since learned that when he says he's checking his email... it also means that he's pooping. awesome.***


B said...

awesome. that cracks me up.

why is it that kids never want to admit that they're poopy?

Jess said...

"Checking my email" is a great euphemism for pooping. Better than announcing the actual act, loudly, in the middle of the grocery store like mine did today!

Eddie Bujans said...

Aaron hides in the pantry or finds a corner in the house and secretly does his "business."
Kids and their poop. What's up with that?