Friday, June 26, 2009

Noah graduates!

We had another great school year (shul year) at the YM & YWHA this year! Noah was attending a preschool prep program 2 mornings a week there since September. He had 2 fabulous teachers and a great group of friends. He loved going there and has really learned a lot of great new things that his extremely creative teachers taught him. Every once in awhile I'm surprised to hear that he knows about something that I never taught him. (i.e. how to recycle, appropriate sports terminology like -- "heads up" and "I'm open", and lots of other random things!). They also did a great job of introducing lots of healthy foods and snacks. I had no idea he even knew what watermelon was (or would even like it for that matter) until we were at the store and he pointed it out. So, I bought some and he devoured 3 pieces in one sitting. His teachers were always very supportive especially through his "big brother" transition -- which his friends at school took the brunt of, apparently! -- and they never seemed to judge or criticize. I'm so glad that his first "teacher - student" relationship was successful and can only hope for more years of great experiences like this! We all received a CD with tons of great pictures from the year at graduation. It was such a nice gesture!

Here are some Noah highlights:

I also shot some footage of graduation day... very exciting! He loved getting his diploma and asks me to read it to him all the time. I'm still not sure why Noah chose not to sing his FAVORITE song ever with the class or why he had a hard time with his turn on the drum, but it was still fun to watch. Our little graduate!

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Cathy said...

Hey, Noah good job graduating. I love watermelon too. Nana