Wednesday, June 10, 2009

playground fun

Noah and his BFF, "Eddie K." have been hitting the playground pretty hard these past few weeks. They play really well together, so it's nice to get them together. Recently, they've been coming up with different words or phrases that they think are funny and they'll just repeat them over and over again. It all started when we were on the bus coming back from preschool... Eddie turned to Noah and said, "Chicken pox!" Noah thought that sounded hilarious so he repeated it and they've been saying that back and forth to each other for over a month now every time they see each other! They've recently added "peanut butter", "what the heck is this?", and "activated!" We haven't been able to figure out why certain words catch on and are funny but they are hilarious when they get going.

Here's some video footage that Eddie's dad caught on a typical playground day:

"Chicken Pox"

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Cathy said...

How cool to see Noah being silly. I love it and miss him soooo much.
Love Nana