Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lawrence Farms!

Our computer has finally arrived... so here's update #2!

We headed upstate to Lawrence Farms last month for our annual apple and pumpkin picking fun. I grew up going to this place and it's been so much fun to watch my kids enjoy it too. We spent the weekend at grandma's house and then headed over to the farm on Columbus Day. The location is so picturesque and we always go away with a great pick of apples. This year was no exception. Noah had been talking a lot about apples at school. They made apple pie and did some great apple artwork at school, so he was very excited to see where they actually came from! There's a great little children's village that was a lot of fun this year and we were able to get a few little decorative pumpkins too. Gabriel enjoyed being strapped to me (his favorite place) most of the time while he napped and then woke up in a good mood to get some good pics. Oh, and I also finally decided what my favorite kind of apple is... Gala!

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Jess said...

Cute pics! How I miss the northeast in the fall.
PS. I love your orange sweater.