Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jon graduates!

So, Jon finally graduated (for realz this time!). Although, he's technically been a doctor for the last four years... now he's REALLY a doctor. I'm so proud of him and all of his serious hard work. It's been such a long haul through med school and residency and it's been so nice to see all the hard work pay off as he has really enjoyed starting his first attending job.

A few highlights from graduation:

the "this is finally happening" picture
graduation ceremony

the "can you believe we did this?" picture
classmate shot

the "we seriously couldn't be happier" picture
couple shot

the "time to celebrate" picture
Central Park Boathouse


Miggy said...

Congrats! So I was actually thinking about you today and wanting to call and talk. I'm so excited for you guys and want to hear about the new apartment and everything else. (Are you still in Inwood 1st?). Oh and by the way, just maybe 2 weeks ago Beanie said, "Mom I like New York better than Cincinnati. I miss Noah and Graham." STILL misses her original posse.

Sare said...

p.s. Jessie, you look way cute in that last boat shot. :)

Malesa said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy and excited for you guys. I'm glad that everything is finally paying off.

Wilde ones said...

Yay!! Residency is done! Isn't it great?!

Jess said...

Hooray! You made it!