Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas PJ picture

These 2 boys are at the WORST ages for pictures! Just check out my attempt at our annual Christmas PJ picture and you'll see what I'm talking about! Noah just wants to be grumpy and not smile in any pictures and Gabey is SO squirmy that he can't even sit still for 2 seconds.
1st picture... not bad, caught them off-guard, but BLURRY!

2nd picture: Noah gets silly, Gabey is outta there!

3rd picture: wrestling match ensues!

4th picture: after a stern talking to, Daddy tries to lighten the mood...

Gabey just wants to see himself in the screen...

Daddy attempts photo shoot #2 the next morning... too sleepy to smile!

FINALLY! A smile :)

Gabey finally smiles too...

Too bad it's not in the same picture!!!


Abbie said...

Awesome! They are so cute and funny. This makes me want to get E&A matching jammies.

Amber and Mike said...

What kind of mother am I? No Christmas PJ pics! You are a good mom, Jess.