Wednesday, July 13, 2011

friday field trip #1: Brooklyn Children's Museum

Our first Friday field trip of the summer landed on a rainy day, which meant a trip to a museum! For some reason the Children's Museum of Manhattan is the WORST Children's Museum in the city. Sorry, people, I'm a hater. It's small, always overcrowded, OVERpriced, and just plain doesn't have that much to do! So, we field tripped it down to Bed-Stuy (yes, envision 3 Mormon mommies with their strollers and slew of kids schlepping through one of the worst neighborhoods in Brooklyn looking for the museum). It was quite the adventure, but oh-so worth it when we finally got there (even when we decided to ride the local train just so all the kids could have a seat...)

1st stop: NYC Pizzaria
"can I take your order?"

2nd stop: ride the mo-ped to the green house

3rd stop: gardening in the green house

3rd stop: head to the Bodega for some international groceries

4th stop: Gabey picks up his BFF, Violet

5th stop: driving NYC bus (Gabey's dream!)

6th stop: the beach!

7th stop: the aquarium

8th stop: underwater adventure

9th stop: water play!

10th stop: playground area

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