Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Last day of School!

So, it's official... Noah is done with preschool! And he's onto (dare I say it) Kindergarten next year. I really can't believe it. Noah had such a great year at MCNS. He loved his teachers and got really close to a lot of new pals. There were 26 kids in his class (17 of which were boys! I'm surprised the teachers survived...) and I felt like it was a great lead into his K situation next year.

**By the way, we successfully navigated the NYC public school system (by moving, HA!) and Noah "got into" a good school for next year. So, hallelujah for that!**

One of his teachers, Louise, doubles as the music teacher and she has been so excited about Noah's promising music talent. Apparently, he's been the "lead drummer" several times this year and during his final turn some of the other teachers heard him drumming and thought it was the teacher! I was really excited to hear that and hope this next year we can grow some of his musical talents a bit more (PIANO LESSONS!). In his final parent teacher conference, his head teacher specifically mentioned how well his writing has improved, what a good friend he is to everyone, and how his temperament has matured significantly into such a warm, helpful, friendly attitude (most of the time :).

Here are some pics from the last day breakfast:

the bus stop boys
(Spencer and Noah rode the M4 together everyday this year from our bus stop)

Eric would usually jump on at the next bus stop and sometimes there would be a "gun show"

checking out the slideshow with Addi, Amanda, and CJ

a little sing-a-long with Isaac's dad




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