Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day off of school!

In light of my recent post about the craziness of school, we were actually really excited about a day off of school! I never understood some of the moms I would hear talk about actually enjoying when their kids had days off of school -- I just thought they'd be happy to have them out of the house if they were in school -- but I kind of get it now. No school means a free day -- no running around, picking up/dropping off, planning baby brother's naps around everything -- and being able to go do something fun! So, thank goodness for NY and Jewish Holidays! We spent one of our Rosh Hashana holidays at our favorite Central Park playground, Hecksher Playground, and had a great time. And with the Indian Summer we've been having, they still even had the water on! It was a great day and a much needed break from our new daily routine and well-timed because we'd been missing summer.