Thursday, October 27, 2011

saying goodbye to Uncle Caulin...

We decided to spend the weekend at grandma and grandpa's house to have one last get together before Caulin left on his mission. The boys love going up to the "country". We hit the playground, painted pumpkins, and walked the "Walkway over the Hudson" while we were there. It was fun to hang out with Caulin and make some nice memories before he headed off to the MTC.

While we were saying our goodbyes, Caulin told Noah he wouldn't see him again until he was 7. It was really interesting to watch him process that! He kind of laughed and thought it was silly and kept telling Gabey, "You're going to be 4 when Caulin gets back!" But then later that night before bedtime, I think he realized what that really meant and got really sad. Then he started asking me how old I was going to be when Caulin got back and he thought that was hysterical!

Good luck on your mission, Caulin -- you're gonna rock it!