Friday, January 27, 2012

Family Photo Shoot 2011

So, we finally bit the bullet and hired a professional photographer to take some pictures of our family this year. And I'm so happy we did! Whitney Hardie is a good friend of ours and worked magic with our 2 energetic (and very cranky that day!) boys. It could have been disasterous... I mean really horrible. But she managed to capture some great shots amidst the tears and tantrums. Wow, family pictures can be really stressful... who knew?!?

I was really worried we wouldn't get any shots without Gabriel red-eyed and red-faced and Noah chewing on his sleeve while making a funny face, so you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to see the end result! And our genius photographer had us finish off the shoot at the playground, a place that pretty much always makes them happy!


Christina said...

So cute! Sometimes it really is worth it to go to the professionals!

Sare said...

lovely. I LOVE that background on the first photo. Such a cute family. :)

Malesa said...

So cute! She did a great job. It really is worth it to have a professional take them.

Ambam & Pants said...

These are great! We've got our framed one up. Eliza repeats your names daily.

vdg family said...

They look fabulous!!! What a beautiful family! Nice job! It takes a great mom to go through the photo shoot too! :)

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