Monday, March 26, 2012

Aunt Chrissy Visits!

Aunt Chrissy came to visit us for a few days around Gabe's birthday and we had a lot of fun.  I'm pretty sure the boys love her more than me, so it might be a good thing that she lives so far away!  Seriously, though... she's amazing with the kids and it's so nice for them to have that connection with her.

We had some city adventures while she was here, which was a nice break from our daily routine! We hit some fun playgrounds, restaurants, and museums... and had some nice down-time just hanging out at home too. 

Come back and visit soon, Chrissy... we miss you!

fun with Chrissy at the playground!

Shake Shack for lunch!

Noah making pizza at the Brooklyn Children's Museum

pizza delivery!

Dad, the Chinese dragon!

Gabe, the grocery clerk

Noah, the bus driver

 Gabe, the executive

Noah, the costume designer

crazy boys in the sand pit

fun with shapes and patterns

best buddies
(for a second!)

water fun!

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stina6195 said...

Aww, miss you guys! Your kiddos are the best :)