Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gabriel Graduates!

Gabriel had a great year at his preschool prep class at the Y this year.  It took some adjustment at the beginning of the year to ease his anxieties about it, but with a lot of great support from his wonderful teachers, he graduated with flying colors!  He made some great new friends. His friends turned out mostly to be Noah's friends' younger siblings!  We were all pregnant together when they attended this class 3 years ago. And he solidified his love for Ms. Vickie -- his teacher from the parent & me class we attended last year.  Ms. Vickie was key in his transition this year.  She completely understood his personality and never pushed him beyond where he was comfortable.  We're so sad to leave her behind next year!

Graduation day was really fun.  Jon and Noah were able to attend which was fun for Gabe to show off his class, friends, and teachers.  We loved seeing him interact with his peers, walk over the graduation "bridge", perform a song in sign language, and participate in dance class.  We're going to miss his 2's class next year!

 singing the clean-up song with daddy

being silly with his BFF, Cole 

the "I love you" sign 
they worked on this all year :)

the graduate

Ms. Vickie

Ms. Nancy

story time

the 6-year old big brothers

silly kid

bubble time at dance class

pretending to be a sleeping dinosaur

pretending to be a growling dinosaur!

"Happy Trails"

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