Sunday, August 5, 2012

Eden's Blessing

Eden's blessing was such a special day.  We were so excited to have Jon's family come all the way from Oregon for the big day.  And my parents were able to join us from upstate.  It's been a nice tradition to have  our extended family at all of our baby blessings and we feel so lucky to have such supportive family.  Eden behaved very well and didn't make a peep during the blessing which is always such a relief!  Great grandma Bonnie sent the most precious little bracelet for Eden to wear.  Such a wonderful little heirloom for her to pass on to her own babies!

I had a very special moment with Eden as I was dressing her for the day.  I realized right at that moment (in the chaos of trying to get 3 children ready and on time for church!) that I needed to really cherish her time as a newborn.  I think it took me having 3 kids to really understand how quickly the time passes.  I felt very strongly that she would only wear that dress and bracelet once and I needed to slow down the pace of our little family's life so we could enjoy each other a little more.  I am so grateful for those feelings and it has really helped me through some of the many crazy times since then that are so common  with 3 young children.

the family

sweet baby girl

tiny bracelet


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