Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Maiden Voyage

hip, hip... hooray! hip, hip... hooray! hip, hip... hooray!
3 cheers for the NYC MTA!!!

Today was the day. Noah and I were on our way to church this morning. We were running a little late, but luckily Jon was able to walk with us on his way to work. So, he helped us down the first set of stairs to the subway mezzanine. After we got through the service door and approached the next set of stairs to the subway platform, I noticed that the baracades to the new elevator were all down. I was shocked! Could it actually be true? Could the elevators finally be running? I was hesitant at first because I didn't see a crowd of people cheering for the grand opening of the elevators as I expected to see (apparently I was the only one this excited about the new addition to the subway station at 8:00am on a Sunday morning.) But as I took a second look and finally pressed the shiny, brand-new elevator button to see if it was working, the doors magically opened and I heard angels singing praises and welcoming me (oh wait, that was just in my head...) As I stepped inside I automatically started to cover my nose as I usually do in subway elevators (because that's where the homeless people like to hang out) but I quickly stopped myself and took a nice deep breath in. The air was so clean (well as clean as NYC subway station air is) and everything was so shiny and new. We'll see how long that lasts -- but I'll take what I can get! And with most gentle ease, we quickly drifted down to the subway platform. I was so excited about the whole experience that when we got down to the platform, I busted out my camera and we took another trip up and down on the elevator just for kicks!

I thought I'd share:


(P.S. -- This is what it looked like last week.)


The trip home was very exciting too. To my surprise, the elevators on the downtown side of the platforms were also working. (lucky for Julia's husband -- he is usually the designated stroller-carrier on the way home from church). After we took the elevator from the platform to the mezzanine, I realized that the elevator from the mezzanine to the street was open too! What an exciting day!

Ironically enough, when I got home, the elevator in my building was broken...

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Julia said...

When I saw that the elevator was working on Sunday I immediately thought of you. I even pressed the button just to see if it actually worked.

All of us cramming in there after church will be a priceless memory.