Thursday, March 1, 2007

Happy March!

For the past 3 days, I have been having a major meltdown around 5:00pm. Around 4pm, Noah wakes up from his nap and is generally in a pretty good mood. I feed him his bottle while I watch Oprah and things seem pretty calm -- only a few more hours before bedtime... no problem. But then 5:00pm hits and it seems like there's no way I could possibly provide any more entertainment for a 9-month old. By that point in the day we've played with every toy, read every book twice, sang every song, done dozens of laps in the walker, watched all the Dora and Diego that mommy can stand, and played peek-a-boo until it's just not fun anymore. So, yesterday I was anticipating this 5 o'clock slump and I was determined not to let it get to me -- so we got out and went to the playground to swing on the swings. Earlier that day it was unseasonably warm so I figured that it wouldn't be too cold by then. So, I dressed Noah in just a light jacket and headed out. It was at least 10 degrees colder by that point and he was totally freezing, but there was no turning back -- we needed a change a of scenery. I thought for sure that we would be the only ones at the playground, but we met up with another mom and her 2 kids dealing with the 5 o'clock slump the same way. It turns out that her husband works crazy hours too so we proceded to have this same conversation with each other while we pushed our little popsicle-children on the swings as the sun went down.

Today is March 1st... a new month... which means a new rotation schedule for Jon and no more 5 o'clock slump for me!

Yay for Mon-Fri, 9-5pm!

(Jon was home by 5:05pm today and I was at the gym by 5:30pm -- hooray!)

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Nate, Tawni & Sofia said...

Dont you just love what I call the "drop off" where your husband comes in the door and you throw the kid at them and say "here you go, have fun! Bye!" When I get home Nate says "Gosh, I dont know how you do this all day! Your job is so much harder than mine!" True..true.