Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Am I getting old?

I have realized this past week that my whole life completely revolves around the weather. I am totally obsessed with the weather channel and I am constantly checking the forecast to see what the next day's weather will be. I find myself planning things based soley on what kind of day it will be. The following comments inevitably come up in my daily conversations. "This weather has been so crazy lately!", "It's supposed to be 20 degrees on Saturday!", "Can you believe that it's 69 degrees today?", "I am so excited for spring - my life is going to be so much more exciting!", etc., etc., etc. I even asked my friend who lives in another state how the weather was there. I haven't talked to her in months and it was the first thing that came out of my mouth! YIKES!

Am I that boring? Why can't I think of anything more interesting to talk about? Is my life that controlled by the weather, that I have to discuss it with every person I come in contact with? Unfortunately, I have quickly realized that the answers to those questions are: yes, yes.... and yes.

There are several factors that I think attribute to this obsession. One being the fact that I live in NYC and I have to walk everywhere to get around. And another being that my 9 month old baby gets dragged everywhere I go so I have to be super conscious of his needs too. But I feel like it goes even deeper than that and the underlying factor is that I am getting old. Yep, it's a realization that I've been slowly coming to terms with ever since becoming a mother (which easily ages you at least 10 years in the first 3 months). Friday nights at home doing laundry, scheduled dates with my husband, dinner at 6:00pm sitting at the table, asking the neighbors to turn their music down... must I go on? Seriously, I feel like I'm just 2 steps away from the early bird special at Denny's and discount bus tickets! How do I slow this process down and stay young? I guess I could start by not talking about the weather with every person I see.

Wait, just one more time...

It was 68 degrees today in NYC! We spent the afternoon at the playground and had an amazing day. I even got to go running outside. "I'm so excited for spring - my life is going to be so much more exciting!"

(here's the forecast for the next 5 days in NYC, so I don't have to keep talking about it... Ugh! It's supposed to snow this weekend!?!)


Nate, Tawni & Sofia said...

Oh my gosh...I LOOOVE those little teeth! Adorable! I thought I was the only one who watched the weather channel all the time. I felt like such a dork. Im glad to hear you watch it. Its fun. I have to say that it was 88 degrees here the other day and it was way too hot here. The one thing I do miss about NYC is those thunderstorms with the lovely lightning that would light up our room at night. I miss that. I dont think I have seen rain since we left 7 months ago. Sad. I think Im the only one that would love to live in Seattle.

lsnarr said...

I just heard it is suppose to snow this weekend too. I'm currently thinking about a plan B. I'm sooo glad you and Noah got to have a day in the park, the weather was so great yesterday, Caulin even went and played tennis after school! I see Noah is wearing the appropriate colors for the season. I just can't get enough of that cute face!!
Jessie, weather watching doesn't define one's age. Your life right now (living in the city with a 9 month old and ALL that that entails) is pretty much governed by the daily forecast. So relax. However, if and when you do move and your "weather obsession" seems to move to a higher level, then we probably should have a discussion. Or, you could always look for part-time work as a weather-gal.
I guess you're already aware that there is rain in the forecast today.
your mom :-)

Cathy said...

I have to join in on the weather thing. After I force myself out of bed my first words are What is the weather suppose to be like today?? I dont' think it is an obsession, being prepared when you have Handsome Noah is important. It takes a whole lot of effort to go on a park expedition.

I think it becomes a problem when that is the most important part of the conversaton. So keep up on current events and enjoy the weather.

We have also had beautiful 60 degree days. I am sure rain will return.

I just got some pcitures of Raeley and she also is enjoying time in the Park. If you want the pictures let me know.

Give a hug to my Lil Leprechaun

Julia said...

Jess, I do the same thing. I check at least twice a day. Eric thinks it is my favorite topic of conversation.

I think it is largely a New York thing-- I never cared about the weather before I moved here. It just affects every aspect of our lives so much here. If I didn't have a job and hence a reason to leave my apartment, I'm sure there would be days that I would just stay in bed (like last Friday). I can't believe I have signed on for seven more years of my life being controlled by the forecast.