Thursday, April 5, 2007

Travel Tips

In an attempt to avoid going stir-crazy this month and also avoid spending my b-day alone as Jon works ridiculous hours and I am trapped indoors because the weather has yet to convince me that it actually is Spring... I booked a flight to Utah. I am going to stay with my brother and sis-in-law and their 2 kids for a week. We have been wanting to get the cousins together for awhile now, so I thought that going out there in April was the best plan. (this picture was the last time they were together in July.) Noah will also get to meet his 2nd cousin and his great grandma that he's never met. And now that Noah is so interested in playing with other kids and he has a reasonably reliable schedule, I thought that this would be perfect timing. So, I'll be making the trip alone with Noah and praying that he behaves himself and I don't have a melt-down. I am also praying that I'll be able to juggle all of my stuff and the baby in the cab to the airport and through those lovely check-in/security lines.

I have obsessed to no end about what bags to bring, whether or not to bring my stroller, how I'll be able to entertain my somewhat hyper 10-month old on a 5-hour flight, and of course bringing the perfect wardrobe for me and Noah. (why is it that everytime I go away on a trip I feel like all of my current clothes aren't good enough?)

Anyway, I've already made lists of his favorite books, toys, and foods to bring on the plane and as of now, we have a row to ourselves on the way there. But even with all the planning/obsessing -- I am starting to freak out. (Which is actually really odd because I was shockingly surprised at how calm I felt when I initially purchased the ticket. I honestly thought I would have that sinking feeling as a I pressed the "confirmation" button and think, "Oh no! What have I done?" -- but I didn't!) Now I'm thinking, "What if he starts screaming and yelling (his new favorite thing to do) and I can't get him to calm down?" I've even tried practicing sitting with him on the couch for long periods of time just to see how he does. Let's just say it's not pretty. The longest I could entertain him for a stretch was 10 minutes. YIKES! This should definitely be interesting.

So, here's the list of random things that calm him down:

1. mini measuring tape that for some reason he loves to chew on
2. Jon's ipod headphones -- again, loves to eat them
3. pictures of babies --he starts laughing and smiling whenever he sees baby pictures
4. one of Jon's work IDs -- he loves to chew on the string and point to the picture of "da-da"
4. a straw -- he loves when I drop water in his mouth from a straw
5. shredded cheese -- I'm sure we'll make a HUGE mess, but it works!
6. our new favorite -- watered down apple juice!
7. portable DVD player with Baby Einstein videos
8. his baby toothbrush -- he can sit and chew on it for 30 minutes at a time while I read him stories.
9. endless peek-a-boo games (hopefully there will be a kind-hearted nearby passenger that will play with him too!)
10. and if all else fails, there's always a healthy dose of benadryl.

I think I've come full circle with the whole thing now, though. It's going to be an ADVENTURE. (That's what I'm telling myself, anyway.) And we'll survive... We may make a few enemies on the plane, but there are worse things that could happen. I'm so excited for Noah to hang with his cousins and for me to get out of the city for awhile.

Anyway, think happy thoughts for us on Tuesday, and if any of you seasoned-travelling moms out there have an travel tips for me, I'd greatly appreciate any advice!

PS -- It was 70 degrees in UT today... compared to the high of 45 degrees it was here. I'm so excited. Hopefully it will stay nice.


miggy said...

Good luck. And this makes me feel a little better too because I'm thinking of taking the little one to South Carolina this summer while the hubby stays home to study, she'll be 4 months and I'm hoping that's old enough for me to do this! So that makes me feel better that you still worry about traveling at 10 months.

Tawni said...

Nate is missing my birthday this months too if that makes you feel better :( I am going home too! Mine is only a hour and a half drive away though. I dread the day I take this little booger on a plane. I will be praying for you :) Im sure it will go fine. If it doesn't just go lock yourselves in the bathroom! I can picture myself in there now lecturing Sofia or just popping her on the breast...

Jessica said...

thanks for the support, ladies... I'll definitely need it!