Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday, Da-Da!

It's official... I'm married to a 30-year-old!
Jon turned the big 3-0 today.

One of the med students that he was working with today told him he looked young for 30 and he totally freaked out. I don't think he's ready for those kind of comments, even though it's a compliment!

I taught Noah how to say "da-da" in the Happy Birthday song to surprise Jon. We practiced all day and he did such a great job. I had to speed through the pauses because he kept wanting to say "da-da" whenever I stopped singing... it was very cute.

here's the clip:

Happy Birthday, Jon!

Thanks for being such a wonderful husband/father.

ps -- you're old!


JessK said...

Happy Birthday, Jon! And way to get your timing down, Noah!

miggy said...

That's so cute Jess! I love seeing how you teach Noah his little 'tricks' . . . very cute. And Happy Birthday Jon. . . but I already told you that on Sunday.

Tawni said...

Awe. So cute. Happy belated bday Jon!