Friday, June 8, 2007

Naptime and Painted Nails

This morning Noah took a 2 1/2 hour nap. I was so excited when the 2 hour marked creeped by and I still didn't hear a peep from his room. After getting my usual nap-time tasks done (reading scriptures, writing in my journal, answering emails, and searching various online clothing stores for things I can't afford, etc.) I tip-toed into the living room to relax until he woke up. I was even able make some headway on my current cross-stitch project (which I usually don't get around to until after his bed-time and I usually fall asleep then anyway!) And I did something I haven't done in over a year (basically since Noah was born...) I actually painted my nails -- fingers and toes! I don't know why, but it felt SO good! I started to put my usual boring light-pink color on, but then decided to spice it up a bit with a dark maroon color. Watch out! I was even able to straighten the apartment, pack his diaper bag, and get his bottle ready, so as soon as he woke up so we could just walk out the door. It was fabulous.

After going to the playground and running our usual errands, we came home for some lunch and a little extra playtime. I figured he probably wouldn't go down at his usual time because he slept longer this morning. So, I held him off for about a 1/2 hour. And after our usual song, story, "sleep-tight" routine, I put him down for nap #2. It's now 1 hour later and he's still awake. I can hear him babbling, singing, and rocking his crib back and forth. He must be standing up and holding onto the bar dancing back and forth. Yikes!

I was hoping the 1-nap transition would hold off for a few more months, at least through the end of the summer. But it looks like the "change in sleep habits" that I keep reading about in my parenting books has come to haunt us.

What can you do?

I guess I'll just stare admiringly at my nails in the meantime.

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