Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Noah, what does the drill say?"

Just in case you're curious as to why my son can make the sound of a drill... (the drill is not a part of our daily routine.) Noah loves to try and imitate sounds -- and the drill happened to be one of them... such a boy!

Here's a cute pic of Noah and Daddy working on our latest home improvement project.

We had big plans to get a bunch of little projects done before the family came for their visit, but in typical Jon/Jess fashion... these types of things never go as planned. We were literally hanging shelves as Jon's family pulled up from the airport. So, we had to finish after they left. I'm definitely happy with how everything turned out, though. I finally feel like our home is in order now. Nice that it's been a almost a year since we moved in...


Tawni said...

Cute! I like that he makes drill sounds. Sofia growls. Like a dog. Or Spiegel on Lord of the Rings. I will have to take a video and post in on the blog. Aren't kids funny.

Tawni said...

oops. I dont know how I can up with Spiegel. I thought that was his name. I guess its Gollum?? Whatever.