Saturday, May 19, 2007

1-year old tricks

My current top 5 things I love about my Noah are:

1. he only says "mama" when he wants something (this is done in a whiny voice as he follows me around until I pick him up).
2. he is a total flirt -- especially with 3-year old girls.
3. he loves to dance when he hears any kind of beat or music (even if it's the reggaetone that the neighbors are blasting).
4. he is finally taking 2 real 2-hour naps a day (my personal mission for him this past year!)
5. he is obsessed with me :)

He's picked up a few 1-year old tricks in the past few days and perfected some of the ones he's been working on. I am amazed at how much he understands and tries to communicate now.

1-year old tricks:
1. says "uh-oh"
2. says "da-da"
3. says "hi" and waves
4. makes the sound of a drill on command (can't get anymore boy than that!)
5. can blow into the recorder and make a sound

Here's the most recent video clip of his tricks.

This really couldn't have gone better if he was an actor!

(please ignore my annoying voice... it's the only way I could get him to do all of his tricks!)


lsnarr said...

What talent, and he's so cute!!

josh.sandra.ava said...

LOVE the video!!!! as soon as it started playing, ava came running over to the computer and watched every second of noah's dazzling talents with such intent that i think she may be crushin' on him!

Mara said...

A very happy (and belated) happy birthday to Noah. We miss you guys!