Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the playground search

So, now that Noah has perfected his crawling abilities considerably and enjoys the playground much more these days, I have been on the hunt for the best toddler playground in the city.
These are the requirements that I've come up with for this stage of Noah's development:

A playground with:

1. a small set of stairs
2. a small slide
3. the space between the stairs and slide needs to be protected by bars most of the way.
4. a small water feature
5. baby swings
6. set in a shaded area
7. relatively low to the ground
8. set on a padded surface

We've visited a lot of playgrounds so far, and have found that some of the best ones are right here in our neighborhood. But I'm always on the hunt for a better one!

Currently #1 on my list:

162nd & Riverside


J. Hood Wright Park

173rd & Ft. Washington Ave.


The Ancient Playground

East 86th & 5th Ave.

This website has been pretty helpful in my search so far.

I've heard the "Hippo Playground" on 91st and Riverside is the best in the city... That's next on our list to visit. We'll just have to see if it meets my requirements!

(and I'm sure the "requirements" will quickly change as soon as Noah starts walking!)

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JessK said...

I love this idea! Let us know if you need a second opinion--we'll be happy to check out playgrounds with you!