Monday, June 25, 2007

Vacation Adventures, part 6: the shore

So, when we originally found out that Jon had this bonus week-long vacation in June, we thought "oooo, let's go to Puerto Rico again!" We went 2 years ago just for the weekend and had an amazing time. It was by far one of the best vacations we ever had. But then reality kicked in and as much as we thought we "deserved it" after actually surviving this year, we just couldn't justify spending the money.

The alternative, you ask? Belmar, NJ!

I was definitely itching for the beach (sorry, "the shore" as we call it here!) So, I did some research and found the lovely little town of Belmar. It was just an hour away from the city and since we went on a weekday there wasn't much traffic and it wasn't too crowded. There was a great little stretch of sand and playgrounds on the beach every few blocks. It was so perfect.

Noah had a great time. I was so shocked that he wasn't trying to eat the sand. He was loving the sea breeze and the sand between his toes. We just drove down during his morning nap, hung out for about 4 hours, and then headed back and he slept on the way home.

Jon and I have a track record with these kinds of adventures also -- they usually are a complete bust! But this worked out perfectly! I couldn't have been more pleased (well, maybe I could've -- if we were in Puerto Rico!) But that's beside the point!

Anyway, here are some pics of our lovely day:

hanging out with dad

catching up on some reading

sporting the sun hat

enjoying the sea breeze

cooling off

getting dry

and of course, the playground!


The Cope Family said...

sweet! even though matt & i are not big fans of the beach, i think we just might check it out...

snizzle said...

Thats cool yo!

miggy said...

I just read through all your adventures. . . so fun. I'm glad this week finally came and you will now have some "normalcy" in your life. :)