Sunday, July 1, 2007

"Walk, walk, walk..."

Noah is definitely getting more stable on his feet these days. He has recently become a big fan of the walking toy that g-ma H. got him for his b-day. All I have to say to him is "Noah, let's go walk, walk, walk." Then he points to his toy and tries to imitate what I'm saying. It comes out like, "gock, gock, gock."

here's a clip of the crazy little guy:

Last week he took his first official "steps", but I have yet to catch it on camera. He definitely has to be in the right mood to practice doing his steps, otherwise there is a major protest.

His most recent trick has been to stand up on his own in the middle of the floor when we say, "Noah, no hands!" He's very proud of himself everytime and knows we will clap. He even starts to clap before we do... very cute.

"No hands!"


Tawni said...

He is doing so well! Isn't it crazy how time flies?

Eddie Bujans said...

Awesome footage.