Thursday, July 19, 2007


So, for the past 3 days Noah has been acting very strange. I can't quite put my finger on it. I wouldn't describe it as fussy or cranky, but he's just not himself. Honestly, I think he's just downright bored.
He hardly cracked a smile all day yesterday even after my countless attempts at trying. (mental image: me literally jumping up and down, dancing and singing crazy to Raffi, and playing countless peek-a-boo games just to see those cute little teeth grin!) Nothing, nada, zilch! He wasn't having any of it. It was as though he was sitting there thinking, "that's it! that's all you've got?"

I think he's completely sick of all of his toys, books, CDs and DVDs. We went to the same playground twice yesterday and the day before! (which gets old VERY quickly for me.)

Jon was on-call yesterday so I knew there was no relief coming. So, it was time to get creative! Here's some pics of our indoor adventures.

let's try playing in the toybox!

obstacle course?

endless peek-a-boo games

obsessed with the stroller straps...

Luckily Jon was able to sneak home for a minute and get a smile out of him! Of course it took going through daddy's work bag and finding all kinds of "toys" to play with!

We're going up to gma S's house for a weekend in the "country" tomorrow, so hopefully the change of scenery will be enough to refresh our spirits!

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Eddie Bujans said...

The imagination of a mother is amazing.