Tuesday, October 9, 2007

apple picking

We went apple picking on Columbus Day, and I have to laugh because it seems like everyone else that I know did too! It just seemed like the perfect thing to do at the end of an October 3-day weekend in NY. Jon likes to make fun of this East Coast tradition saying that "in Oregon, this isn't something we do for fun... my parents would always drag us there and use us as manual labor!"

But for me, apple picking is something I always look forward to doing every year. We went up to Lawrence Farms in Newburgh, where I grew up. I lovelovelove the scenery there and it's always a nostalgic place for me to visit in the fall. The trees are always beautiful as the season changes and the view of the Hudson Valley is amazing from the pumpkin patch.

It was so much fun to bring Noah there this year. He had a blast running through the apple orchards, seeing the animals, and playing in the children's village.

We picked a pumpkin and some yummy apples -- the red delicious were to die for -- and had fun hanging out with gma S. and uncle caulin.

here are some pics from our day.


snizzle said...

It was fun!!

I'm glad you got the pics!


Ellen said...

That last picture is adorable of him cuddling with you. Poor tired cutie!

Jade said...

We were at Lawrence farms a few weeks ago with Hope & Jules - that place is so great....your pictures look too cute.