Friday, October 5, 2007

a mouse in the house...

and I'm ticked!
Ugh! I know city life has it's perks and it's drawbacks, but this is just one of those things that makes me want to pack it up and move on out! We were definitely sheltered from these types of pest-problems when we first moved to NYC -- because we lived in student housing for 4 years. We were on the 22nd floor of a high rise building and it was highly unlikely that the roaches and rodents were going to make it up that high to pester us. But last year when we moved down the street to a 6-story building, away from the cozy student housing life, we got a taste of real NYC (read: real Washington Heights) living. We've dealt with the roaches, the noisy neighbors, and even the inconvenient laundry facilities as well as to be expected. But as soon as I noticed that our loaf of bread had been chewed through by something other than my 17-month old son, I pretty much lost it (we're talking a feet-stamping, leg-kicking, fist-punching toddler-like tantrum by yours truly). I've still yet to catch one of the little suckers and the exterminator for our building can't come until next week!
So, to keep me from tearing up the entire apartment this weekend and/or packing up and shipping out ...

does anyone have any rodent-removal tips?


brack said...

Once I killed a mouse with duct tape. No, not the sticky side, the entire roll. I guess any heavy object would work.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Julia said...

Oh Jess, I am so sorry. My first apartment had roaches like nobody's business, but we never had rodents. We had a mouse problem at my old job (remember that awful place). There was one in my desk drawer and I nearly quit on the spot. They used sticky traps-- it seemed to work pretty well.

Good luck. I will completely understand if you pack up and move out.

If you really want to be grossed out, call Carly Daines and have her tell you her rat story.

Eryn said...

We had a problem in our last apartment. Stuffing any wholes around the apartment with steel wool--I'm talking stuffing a ton of steel wool deep down using a chopstick or stick to get it down deep and packed in. Our wholes where around the heaters (our system was in the wall, but where the pipes came up there was an opening). I read mouse only need 1/4 of an inch to be able to squeeze through.

We also lined the area we thought they were coming in with the sticky glue traps--we caught several this way. Downfall they are still alive.

We also bought ultrasonic mouse repellers (?). You plug in the wall and it makes a really high frequency sound that's supposed to anoy the mice. We would plug them in at night.

After awhile we noticed we no longer had a problem.

I'm sorry. I felt the same way as you do. One night after we finished dinner and the kids were in the bath. I went in the kitchen to get something and found a mouse on top of our counter sitting in my avocado skin licking the leftovers.

Eddie Bujans said...

The local hardware stores can give you the best tips on combating the roaches and rodents.
I've lived in Washinton Heights most of my life, and the hardware store guys have something for every vermin issue.
I know that they recommend this powder stick that you can rub on areas around your apt. The roaches touch it and die on the spot. Also, those old fashion mouse-traps (the spring thingy) actually work great. Just bait them with peanut butter - if you bait it they will come! My aunt throws all her garbage for the day out the very same day. Don't leave any food or water out in your kitchen. Nothing. Also, those combat roach circular things do a good job for a while, you just have to keep replacing them every so often.