Monday, October 1, 2007

stroller obsession

So, Noah has been obsessed with his stroller lately. When it's sitting in the hallway, he will try to climb in it and buckle the straps or he will get behind it and try to push it down the hallway. And when we're out at the park he even will try to swipe other kids' strollers and do the same thing. This will usually end up with him pulling the stroller over on top of himself or him getting in trouble for touching other people's things. So, I decided that it might be a good idea to find a doll stroller for him to push around. My husband was dead-set against the idea saying it was too "girly", but I just told him that it was really training him to be a good father. Afterall, he pushes a stroller around!

So, I started my search for a doll stroller and after going to a zillion toy stores in manhattan, all I could find were hot pink strollers. I was actually tempted to just buy one, but I thought that might push Jon over the edge. I'll be honest, I was seriously disappointed with the toy industry and their gender-specific toy choices! So, after my exhausted efforts I decided to just look online. I found a cute little navy blue stroller on Amazon and ordered it right away. I should've just done that in the first place becuase I ended up spending more money on train fare than I did on shipping!

Anyway, we got the stroller this weekend and took it out for its debut stroll in Central Park. Noah was loving it -- probably not as much as I was, though! He looked SO cute.


josh.sandra.ava said...

i hope you kept the stroller site bookmarked because you'll need to order a new one about every 3 months!! i agree, they are the best toys for toddlers, but they demolish them so quickly :) ava is actually still on her first, but it is barely hanging in there!! the endless entertainment is well worth the $9.99.

miggy said...

that is really cute. glad you found a blue one.

Kendra said...

Best 10 bucks we ever spent on a toy!

JessK said...

Glad you finally found one! Noah looks like he's having fun.

nyc_ransoms said...

I was much lazier than you. I bought the first hot pink stroller I found. James wasn't crazy about it, but when I suggested he could pain it, he said that would be to ghetto. In the end it was the most beat-up, loved, ghetto stroller in the hood!

What is funny is that in my experience little boys love strollers almost more than little girls. They were the cause of much playground drama, with many a boy fighting for his turn.