Thursday, February 28, 2008

I never thought I'd see the day...

that Noah would willingly wear a hat again,
(even thought it has to be "mama's hat" for any sort of compliance)

or a bib,
(although, now it's called a "big boy bib")
or put anything over his head, for that matter...

OR wear any sort of "mitten".

HOORAY for heightened social awareness and an increasingly more civilized toddler!

(Noah hard at work.)


Ellen said...

Those pictures are great. The last one is the best. Future stockbroker! I am excited for Sonja to become a little more verbal and socially aware. She currently screams at EVERY minor annoyance. She doesn't understand, "Use your words," yet!

Amy said...

We've had this same hat breakthrough at our house too! We go outside to play and it is so sunny that Sebastian can't even see. I finally convinced him to wear one of my baseball caps. It looks kind of funny, but we have definitely made progress! I love all of these milestones that we as mothers of toddlers get to experience!

lsnarr said...

Ya gota love that kid!!
And I do!:-)